MTB Trail: tour in E-Bike


Choose the trails suitable for you and book your Tuor with Guide!

You start from the sea level and you get to about 1000 meters above sea level and then return to the sea.

There is no shortage of technical climbs on this tour and this is why using an e-bike allows us to not miss anything of this Tour. 


Pietra Ligure - Giovo di Giustenice – Hiroshima Mon Amour - Hell Boy I – Hell Boy II – XC trail – Tovo San Giacomo - Pietra Ligure

We start from Pietra Ligure where we start immediately with an uphill journey: Ranzi Uphill and Back to Ranzi and then Foresto or Ponte Ranzi-Castagnabianca up to 1/3 of our uphill route.
As you can see the 'e-bike is not indispensable (for the more trained) but allows us to get to the top "pedaling", without making too much effort.

From here we take the Ponte path, then Route Bella, Cascina Porro Climb and then take the dirt road Colle di Giustenice until you get to the top! (Giovo di Giustenice).

Here we are at the top, from here we go down to the sea. We can choose between two paths, the one we chose is the famous Iroshima Mon Amour a fast and steep path.

We follow all Iroshima Mon Amour fino a raggiungere i sentieri di Hell Boy I and Hell Boy II , both fast paths with changes of direction, small compressions and at the end of which we enter first in Partigiani XC and then in XC Giustenice. 
From here we descend towards Tovo S. Giacomo and reach Pietra Ligure.
We are waiting for you on your e-bike to discover all the wonders of the Riviera di Ponente with us!

Cost: 30,00 €

Services included:

  • Guide / Local instructor 

Not included:

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